BELFORT - Living history

Anyone who has ever entered an old country house or walked on the pavement of a medieval town knows: a floor can tell stories.
The BELFORT range is inspired by the Saint-Christophe Cathedral in eastern France and thus brings living country history into the home. With its characteristic play of colours in the shades of sand, clay or basalt and the edges that appear to have been hewn by hand, the tile has a uniquely authentic look. This is also ensured by the matt surface, whose appearance and structure recreate the floor that has experienced the life and work of numerous generations. And there is something else that makes Belfort something very special: The tiles come in three different formats that can be combined as desired. This makes it possible to lay traditional patterns, such as Roman bond. Following the principle of this technique, the Belfort tiles can be combined to create a refined, lively surface whose sophisticated geometric structure only becomes apparent after repeated viewing. Floors of this type have been found since antiquity and have been preserved above all in historic churches and monasteries.

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