Brush: Caution! Wet paint!

Caution! Wet paint!

Only the smell of freshly applied paint is missing – the sweeping brushstrokes on the surface of the Brush stoneware series look that amazingly real. Fresh and young with the distinctive “Steuler signature”, the ceramic surface is liberally decorated with brushed patterns. The patterns in the colour that looks like it has been applied with a paintbrush are not just visible all over the décor tiles but also spread onto the adjoining tiles, getting lighter and lighter in shade. “This really does make the decoration look like it has been painted fresh onto the wall,” explains Director of Development, Tomas Deinböck. The brush technique can also still be seen on the plain white tile as a subtle shimmering relief.

The “Brush” stoneware tile will go on sale in the 30 x 60 cm format with three strong colours right from the start. “These three colours go superbly well with modern wood effect floors and create a moody atmosphere in a bathroom,” according to Deinböck. The recommended combination with faded or even vibrantly coloured wooden floors creates an original and accentuating effect and captures the self-assured zeitgeist of modern bathrooms.

Like most of the wall tile series in the new Steuler collection, “Brush” has also been produced with a material thickness of just six millimetres. “With this changeover we have been able to transfer our ceramic competence to our stoneware segment too,” adds Managing Director, Peter Wilson. “This means we are in a position to offer compatible tiles made from stoneware and porcelain stoneware in the same thickness from one source which can therefore be laid amongst each other.”

to brush series

the brush series in the room studio




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