CHALET - Alpiner Chic

A country house in the vineyards that rises elegantly above the landscape. Inspired by the style of classic Swiss wooden houses, a chalet is more than a simple holiday home: it is a retreat in a class of its own. A property surrounded by vines or driven into the rough rock of a mountain. It is built and inhabited mostly by people with an eye for style and design, who want to find peace in nature, surrounded by the extensive grounds. A respite with a special atmosphere that served as a model for the series of the same name.
Restrained, natural and yet exclusive is the effect of the Steuler tile series CHALET. The warm wood structure of the tile is almost indistinguishable from the natural wood. This is also ensured by the feeling it creates when touched, as the typical grains have been modelled on the original. The subtle interplay of matt finish and gloss underlines the stylish look. Available in three authentic, classic shades (Cream, Cherry and Cognac), the 8 millimetre tile highlights any design concept in a discreetly elegant way. Chalet thus easily combines the advantages of both worlds and brings all the benefits of porcelain stoneware in addition to a natural, warm room feeling.
The tiles in the Chalet series are in 20 x 120 format and thus modelled on classic floorboards - but with a thickness of only 8 mm, which is significantly less than their wooden counterparts. Two types of mosaics are also available. One variant comes in the series shades Cream, Cherry and Cognac, while the other combines the basic colours with other muted nuances to create multitones.

To the chalet series


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