Chester - Rugged charm

The historic city walls of Chester on the border with Wales witnessed so much from Roman times to the industrial revolution. The city stones tell their turbulent story. The motifs of the matt stone textured surface of the new Chester stoneware convey a sense of the rugged charm of this picturesque cityscape.

"For me, this series means living history and a piece of home to touch and feel," emphasises Torsten Grinda, Head of Sales North from Team Steuler.

to the Chester series


WONDERWALL #6MM - Abstract
nature on 35x100 in 6 mm

Sitting on the beach on a warm summer night and looking out into the shimmering expanse of the ocean. There are places and moments that make time stand still, if only for a moment.


MILESTONE #6MM - The complex
play of color and structure

Expression, structure, emotion: the effect of color is always immediate and is evaluated differently by each person.


Kerbon: The innovative
high-tech material

The Steuler Group has been focussing on progress since 1908.