Kalmit - has amazing extremes

Very large, very slim; KALMIT has amazing extremes. But goes anywhere…

King-size tiles for contemporary architecture

Impressively large but at the same time, extremely slim: what was still unthinkable only a few years ago in the production of ceramic tiles has become a reality today, thanks to the use of innovative technology. Gres Steuler is presenting its new collection for the coming tile season including the imposing “Kalmit” porcelain stoneware series in a super king-size 120 x 260 cm format - and with a material thickness of an incredible six millimetres.

The surface qualities of the KALMIT resemble natural sedimentary rock textures such as shale. The product managers at Mühlacker decided on the tones of sand, cement, taupe and graphite when choosing the colours. “We are attending to current demands in architecture with this rather restrained choice of colours,” explains Matthias Hansel. “They can be used to design ‘peaceful’ surfaces. But yet, on closer inspection, they display a surprising vibrancy,” according to the Head of Export.

The different images on the surfaces convey a natural, varied appearance with lots of details. The unobtrusive colouring on the KALMIT gives it a versatile range of uses. The rectified porcelain stoneware series in R10/B is equally suitable for the floors of a modern loft apartment or for laying in a rather more rustic ambience. This understated, high quality tile is also conceivable and totally suitable for an almost jointless wall in a living room or bathroom.  The “Kalmit” is completed with the “easy-lay” formats of 120 x 120 cm, 60 x 120 cm and 40 x 120 cm.


to the Kalmit series

the Kalmit series in the room studio




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