SEALINE #6MM - Colors in motion

Sunny yellow, ocean blue, mysterious green: the world of colors is huge and each shade has its own unique atmosphere. Colors are more than just beautiful to look at. They arouse emotions, shape spaces and can create entire worlds full of feeling and energy. And they don't just work on their own, but unfold under the influence of light and structure.
The SEALINE series shows what this looks like. Its lively, moving design is reminiscent of the surface of the sea on a hot summer day. Stirred up by a short breeze, waves crash against the beach, reflecting color and light. In doing so, they leave a trail in the sand, reminiscent of the Spice Honey variant with its coloration that changes from honey to dune yellow. Atlantic, on the other hand, captures the deep blue of the ocean, while Teal offers a glimpse into the emerald green depths beneath the surface. The varied tone-in-tone color play is supported by delicate glossy reflections, which can also be found in the matt white base tile. This forms the framework for the colorful designs.
The Sealine wall tile has the new thickness of only 6 mm. All four colors (White, Spice Honey, Teal, Atlantic) are available in 35 x 100 cm format. In addition, there are borders measuring 10 × 100 cm, which can be used to complement a wide variety of design ideas - just typical Steuler design.



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