SPACE GEM #6MM - Digitally staged designer pieces.

There are moments that are so full of new impressions that you can't help but let go. Pulsating colours, shimmering patterns and an atmosphere that makes the mundane fade into the background. Thinking is turned upside down, releasing completely new, creative energies. It is moments like these that make up the special charm of festivals or large concerts. Events in which music, passion, individuality and freedom interweave to create a mood in which everything seems possible.

SAPCE GEM was developed by the designers at Steuler-Fliesen in response to this feeling. Inspired by fashion, music and design, the series interprets colours, shapes and effects in an impressive way. A performance for the senses that is highly adaptable due to its complexity. The tiles of the series harmonise just as well with stoneware as with porcelain stoneware. They fit into a town house with just as much ease as they do as a defining element in the expanse of a loft. Space Gem also unfolds its extraordinary potential in a lobby or hipster lounge.

With a noticeable relief on a silk matt surface, Space Gem underlines its modern character. There is a choice of six harmoniously coordinated colours: Amber, Aura, Azur, Coral, Onyx and Rainbow. The "motifs" of the series are available in the new rectified format 35 x 100 cm in 6 mm.

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FLANDERS #6MM - Old values
and modern architecture

Nuances that move between dark grey, almost black and indigo blue and offer a fascinating depth: Belgian Bluestone surprises anew every time you look at it because

CHALET - Alpiner Chic

A country house in the vineyards that rises elegantly above the landscape.

BELFORT - Living history

Anyone who has ever entered an old country house or walked on the pavement of a medieval town knows: a floor can tell stories.