WONDERWALL #6MM - Abstract nature on 35x100 in 6 mm

Sitting on the beach on a warm summer night and looking out into the shimmering expanse of the ocean. There are places and moments that make time stand still, if only for a moment. Moments that push the usual into the background and invite you to dream. Everyone knows this feeling. It can happen at the seaside, at a lake in the mountains or at a river at the edge of a forest. What they all have in common is the play of shadows and light, as well as the nocturnal colors and shimmering reflections that give contours to the darkness.

The Wonderwall series from Steuler Design brings such moments into your own four walls. This is ensured by the decors "Blue Jungle" and "Blue Moon", in which variants of rich, greenish blue play with slightly shimmering rusty red and whitish shades. "Blue Jungle" was inspired by artists such as Frida Kahlo and Jonas Wood. It guides the eye into mysterious depths with its foliage-inspired design, inviting you on a journey of discovery. "Blue Moon" complements this mood with a look reminiscent of delicately shimmering moonlight refracted with a silvery metallic sheen on a water surface. Among other things, this is due to granulate traces that give the tile an additional haptic added value. With its matte surface, structure and feel, the white base tile resembles a fine knitted fabric, which provides the décors with a light and airy base.

The tiles in the Wonderwall series come in the new 35 x 100 cm format in 6 mm. This applies to the white wall tile as well as to the two decors. Wonderwall works on its own, but can also be complemented very well with the 20 x 120 tiles of the Chalet series. The leans on handcrafted wooden planks and perfectly emphasizes the theme of the wall tile.

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Presentation of the Kerbon wall element
at the virtual fair Expo1200 Grad

In the course of the first virtual tile fair Expo1200Grad, the Steuler Tile Group presents a remarkable new product: the Kerbon wall element. ...


Expo 1200 Grad -
And we are there

Expo 1200Grad
From 19.02. to 21.02. is the EXPO1200Grad - and we are there.

MILESTONE #6MM - The complex
play of color and structure

Expression, structure, emotion: the effect of color is always immediate and is evaluated differently by each person.