MILESTONE #6MM - The complex play of color and structure

Expression, structure, emotion: the effect of color is always immediate and is evaluated differently by each person. Thus, the design of clear spaces with reduced color is on an equal footing with the self-confident coloration of interior and exterior areas. What is allowed is what pleases and what optimally emphasizes the effect of the architecture, because color has a significant influence on the perception of space and form. It structures, directs the eye and awakens associations that make the design appear in a different light to each viewer.


Inspired by this effect, the rectified 6 mm porcelain stoneware series Milestone was created in the formats 60 x 120 cm and 60 x 60 cm. Its structure is reminiscent of a stony surface to which paint has been generously applied to enrich the natural shading with depth and texture.


To the Milestone series


Kerbon: The innovative
high-tech material

The Steuler Group has been focussing on progress since 1908.


6 mm tiles

The Steuler Tile Group stands, among other things, for resource-saving production. Because of innovative manufacturing processes, we are now able to produce tiles in 6 mm thickness.


XXL-Fliesen in 6 mm

Is it true that large tiles are not for small rooms? This rumour has been around for years, even when 25 x 33 was still a large format.